Manufacturers of Printed Folding Cartons for Food & Beverages

packaging for food and beverages

We provide high quality folding cartons for the food industry. We use FDA approved raw materials for packaging that has food contact. Our processes include use of special materials that all the food packaging to withstand cold and moisture or high temperature. Temple packaging ensures a high quality product is delivered to customer in this fast growing industry. We design and manufacture Cartons for Biscuits & Sweets, cartons for Chocolates, specially designed packaging for Festival offerings, cartons for Ready to Eat. Liner Folding cartons for packaging Masala, Mono cartons for Liquor. We provide these products in varied dimensions as per the clients' requirements.

We have the certifications to ensure that cGMP is followed and ensure use of appropriate substrates, inks and raw materials.


Cartons for Biscuit on barrier coated board, with different finishing / varnish that includes Met pet, Foil stamping, Embossing with UV that helps the product look more attractive on the shelf.

Tea and Masala

Liner mono carton with attached liner inside, which are made up of three layers i.e met pet, poster paper, LDPE that keep the essence of the product intact and safe in the box.
Tea and Masala


We make sweet cartons which are 4 corners & 6 corners. We also manufacture special tray form carton specially for sweets.
Sweets Mono Cartons


Mono carton printed on board or Metalized Polyester, Embossed UV, Dripped varnish these are few combinations of effects that we offer you.
Liquor Mono Cartons

Gable Top Cartons

Gable Top Cartons are the most popular form of packaging as it helps to keep the freshness and nutrients intact. These Cartons are often used for packing liquid products such as Milk, Cream, Juices, Yoghurt etc.

Polyethylene-coated paperboard or other liquid packaging board and sometimes a foil laminate. Most are opened by pushing open the gables at the top back and pulling the top (spout) out or through simple easy to pour Caps.

Available in sizes:
200/250 ml, 500 ml, 1 litre, 1.5 litre & 2 litre. Gable Top Cartons are Very popular for other dairy products too like Buttermilk, Drinking Yogurt, Flavored Milk etc.

Gable Top Cartons are Tamper-proof and cannot be Re-used, its 100% Recyclable and hence most Environment friendly.
gable top cartons
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